2016 Field Assistant Application


I am looking to hire a field assistant to help with the Azteca-Cecropia project here at my field site in Gamboa, Panama from March through August 2016 at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. This ant-plant system involves an intimate mutualism where Cecropia plants provide shelter and nutritious food bodies and Azteca ants provide protection from herbivores and encroaching vines. The project involves field and lab manipulation experiments on collective behavior and ecology of these Azteca ants in tropical lowland rainforests and greenhouse experiment with Cecropia trees. Applicants should be driven and self-motivated, able to take on projects independently and work closely with colleagues. Applicants should also have a strong interest in behavioral ecology and enjoy tropical field work conditions. 

Skills strongly recommended but not strictly required: animal behavior experience, field savviness, photography/videography, experience driving 4x4 stick shift in muddy conditions, ant experience, greenhouse experience, computer programming, good physical condition. 

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