Azteca-Cecropia Behavioral Ecology moves to Iguaçu, Brazil

I am excited to announce that I have accepted a position at the world-class Parque Das Aves in Cataratas Do Iguaçu, Brazil as the Entomology and Communications Postdoc. The park is immersed inside the magical Atlantic Forest, which is currently facing a conservation crisis. As a way to impact and enchant visitors with a deeper appreciation for how organisms are connected, they are building an absolutely massive new aviary centered around Cecropia ecology. What a charismatic focal organism; first of all it's gorgeous, it is the first plant to grow in restored habitat, birds and bats disperse the fruit, sloths eat the leaves, fungi nurture the roots, and my favorite, Azteca ants live in, protect, and nourish it. In addition to continuing research, I will help develop and build beautiful, engaging exhibits based on science, including The Forest of the Glowing Symbionts, macro footage inside observation trees, and a mesmerizing walk-through leafcutter nest. Together, we will create a spectacular, profound, lasting experience like nothing the world has seen that can have real impacts on the restoration of a unique and important ecosystem. I can’t really think up a more exciting job or a better team to work with. Swing by for a visit!